Asteroid M Sessions – Brock Frabbiele “What Doesn’t Kill Us”




Cody Leavitt – of Asteroid M Records. Has a recording studio adjacent to the kitchen in his vintage Las Vegas Home, Paradise Palms to be exact. He has been using his love for Punk Rock and infatuation with helping others to create a music collective. Asteroid M Records is Leavitt’s avenue to be creative and push friends and other musicians to get their stuff out there. They will feature live performance “Sessions” of Vegas local bands (and more) and full length records. With the attitude of “we are all in this together”, Cody is looking to keep making music and helping friends though Asteroid M records. Here’s to wishing him the best of luck in his endeavors.

Cody invited Brock to record a live session with some friends travelling through in attendance. Friends got phone footage of the performance and it was edited together to illustrate the song. Here is the Video for Asteroid M Sessions – ” What Doesn’t Kill Us” by Go Bold’s Brock Frabbiele.


One thought on “Asteroid M Sessions – Brock Frabbiele “What Doesn’t Kill Us”

  1. I love this! Its great, thanks for sending me the link. I really needed this today!


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